Hidden Agenda..A Rockin' Variety Band

"The Beginning" to "Believe in America" to... "Decade"



Studio Projects:


Hidden Agenda 1st Studio Album- "The Beginning"



Hidden Agenda 2nd Studio Album- "Believe in America"  15 original tunes.!


 The Complete Album "Believe in America" on You Tube!   Enjoy.


Hidden Agenda 3rd Studio Album- "DECADE"  


Hidden Agenda has produced 3 studio albums. Their first was a rockin' Acoustic  album of cover tunes ranging from Hootie and the blowfish to Styx titled "The Beginning...." Their 2nd album titled "Believe in America" was a patriotic CD full of originals. Their 3rd album  "DECADE" is packed with variety, and was 10 yrs in the making.