Hidden Agenda..A Rockin' Variety Band

Hidden Agenda- Our story.



Hidden Agenda is a 4 piece Michigan Born and Raised Rockin' Variety Band that was officially formed in The mid 90's. This band has withstood the test of time,  and has seen its change in Band Personnel, Music Genre, Crowds and Venues over the years.  Hidden Agenda original members Darin Larner  and  Bernie Hartley are still rocking with Bass Player Matt Grandstaff, And Lead Guitarist Darin Larner Jr, to keep the Hidden Agenda Engine running hot!  

The band is setting out on another chapter of Hidden Agenda Memories, stay tuned!  The sound is fresh and the songs are new, and the band is having a blast! The Genre is Classic Rock, Blues, Country, Modern, Folk, Dance, and Original music. What sets them apart from everyone else? their live shows! this band loves to play music, loves to watch people enjoy themselves, loves to spring out new material at every show to keep things fresh, and loves to tour the festival scene in Michigan during the summertime.........



Check out their song list! You will find an amazing variety of music. Hidden Agenda Plays the local club scene, Local and National Festival scene, Private Parties, Weddings, and they love to help out charitable causes. Hidden Agenda has released Three studio CD's "The Beginning... 2001" , "Believe in America" in 2003 , And  "Decade" in 2013. This group is 4 guys, making music and having a blast doing it...... If you come to a Hidden Agenda show, bring a spirit for adventure, and leave everything else up to the band!


Contact Info:

For Booking or Band Info Please contact Darin at 517-230- 1087